It all started back in 1973 when Wally and Audrey Anderson put their first strawberry plants into the ground...

They started small.  A patch of strawberries only 1/16th of an acre in size..... and they called it the Anderson's Pick-Your-Own Strawberry Farm.  

The small field was such a hit with their friends and family that after a few years, they just had to expand, at points reaching up to and exceeding 7 acres at a time.  Back then, Wally hired neighborhood kids to put new strawberry plants in the ground. Its not clear at this writing when the tractor was introduced to do all the hard work and planting. 

Tragically, in 1998, Wally lost Audrey and his son, Darryl to cancer and within two years at the age of 87, decided that it was time to pass the farm on.  

In 2001, the Anderson Berry Farm was officially passed down to Wally's nephews, Glenn, Gerald and Wayne Anderson. Since then, the brothers have been hard at work each year to bring strawberries to the folks of Isanti County, far and wide. 

In 2017, the baton was passed again, this time to Gerald Anderson's son, Aaron Anderson.  

As we (Aaron and Sharee) embark upon our new journey as strawberry farmers in 2018, we hope that Wally and Audrey would be proud that not only is there still a strawberry farm at all and that its still in the family, but also about how far we will take it.  We feel grateful and honored to be given the opportunity to try and make them proud. 

Wally and Audrey Anderson, Founders of the Anderson Berry Farm (1980)

Wally and Audrey Anderson, Founders of the Anderson Berry Farm (1980)